Create Texture Atlas with ShoeBox Software – 2dGameBuilder

Create Texture Atlas with ShoeBox Software

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a texture atlas using ShoeBox in order to use it in the 2DGameBuilder.

Download Sprite Sheet custom settings for ShoeBox. Start ShoeBox by double clicking on the extracted “Sprite Sheet.sbx” and you should see the below:


Find your “png” files that you want to pack in a texture atlas:


Drag and drop all the image files you want to pack into the texture atlas onto the ShoeBox Application inside the first box:


Once you do that you will be presented with the below:


Once you click the “Save” button you will notice that in the path where your “png” files are located the below 2 files have been created:


Those two files can be used by 2dGameBuilder.

ShoeBox SpriteSheet Settings:


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